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Border Reivers
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I have always had a love of British history.

From the Roman Invasion of our little Isle to the devastating conflict of the Civil War when father fought son to rid our land of absolute monarchy or bolster its dated virtues, to the fruitless attempts of the Stuarts to re-establish themselves on the English throne, I have been captivated by the characters and events.

History can be a most pleasant journey where colour and sound, smell and atmosphere abound. I have loved it all. Love it yet.

I had never heard of the Border Reivers until shortly after my move to the north and now bless the day that I took up sticks, somewhat hesitantly I must add, and arrived in this beautiful place. I have a great affection for the history of the Border now, have avidly read all I can lay my hands on and visited over 600 battle field sites, reiver towers and bastles.

border reivers
The Beginning

Were the Border Reivers truly evil, a band of murderers, thieves and blackmailers, or the legacy of an earlier time...

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norham castle
Border Wars

The relationship between England and Scotland had been amicable whilst Alexander 3rd of Scotland ruled...

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Reivers Defending Langholm Castle
Deadlock & Deliverance

Kinmont Willie, most infamous of Scottish Border Reivers was eventually captured by the English following a ‘Day of Truce’...

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Carlisle Castle
Kinmont Willie Armstrong Trail

The capture and rescue of Kinmont Willie Armstrong,most notorious of the 16th century Border Reivers...

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Kinmont Willie Armstrong Life

It is not known when William Armstrong of Kinmont was born nor, for that matter, does the year of his death come readily to hand...

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Edward 1st
Ill Week

James was set on uniting the thrones of England and Scotland in what was to be known as a new United Kingdom...

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Great Raid of Tynedale

William Armstrong, called Kynmont, with one thousand horsemen of Liddesdale, Eskdale, Annandale and Ewesdale ran an open day foray in Tynedale.

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Border Reiver Reinactment
Border Reiver Names

The Scottish English Border lands were divided into six administrative areas known as Marches. There were three on ech side of the Border- East, Middle and West.

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The Scottish Borders
The Border Laws

The Border Laws were formalised in an attempt to control the burgeoning level of crime which became endemic in the country south and north of the English\Scottish Border Line.

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Brackenhill Tower
Richie Graham of Brackenhill

In 1584 George Graham, alias Parcivall's Geordie, was murdered by Richie Graham of Brackenhill at Levens Bridge.

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The Border Marches
The March Wardens & Justice

The March Wardens, English and Scottish, worked in direct opposition to each other across the Border Line.

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Bolton Castle
An English West March Warden

Last of the West March Wardens up to the Union of the Crowns of England and Scotland in 1603 was Thomas Lord Scrope.

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